40 hotels across the UK are embracing emobility as PoGo Charge, ChargeSafe, and Kew Green Hotels join forces

  • Holiday Inn Birmingham’s new EV hub inaugurated by Kew Green Hotels, PoGo Charge, and ChargeSafe.
  • 12 charging points enhance accessibility for daytime and overnight guests.
  • Nationwide rollout plan includes 32 sites with 176 ultra-rapid and 156 AC charging points.

PoGo Charge and ChargeSafe come together with Kew Green Hotels to bring ev charging to 40 hotels around the UK

Kew Green Hotels, PoGo Charge and ChargeSafe, have inaugurated the inaugural Ultra-Rapid Charging Hub at the Holiday Inn Birmingham. This signals the commencement of an ambitious plan to erect up to 40 such hubs countrywide. These hubs will address the growing demand for accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

Chris Dexter, CEO, Kew Green Hotels, said: 

“We are always embracing new ways to positively contribute to the world around us, and we know that our guests are looking to do more too.

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Providing access to EV charging will not only offer more choice for our guests but partnering with PoGo Charge means we’ll also be able to extend this access into the wider EV driver community, something we are very keen to do.”

The newly unveiled hub at Holiday Inn Birmingham features six 200kW Ultra-Rapid PoGo Touch Plus EV charging points. These cater to daytime visitors, and an additional six 7kW AC EV charging points designed for overnight guests. The collaboration prioritises safety with clearly demarcated bays, complete with hatched areas for ease of use.

Under a contractual agreement inked last year, Kew Green Hotels plans to roll out a total of 32 charging sites throughout 2024. These sites will collectively house 176 ultra-rapid EV charging points and 156 AC EV charging points, significantly bolstering the nation’s EV infrastructure. Thirteen sites will be complete by June 2024, marking a tangible step forward in the project’s execution.

Stuart Douglas, PoGo Charge’s Managing Director, commented:

“We are delighted that our strategic partnership with Kew Green Hotels is now live, and are excited to open our first site to drivers through this partnership. The installations will prove a major boost to EV motorists across the UK and a major benefit to the hotels in meeting the needs of their guests.”

Kate Tyrrell, Founder of ChargeSafe, was among the notable attendees, advocating for enhanced safety and accessibility standards in charging infrastructure. Drawing from guidance provided by PAS and ChargeSafe, the design of the charging hubs incorporates best practices, ensuring compliance with industry standards and future-proofing the network.

To commemorate the occasion, EV drivers are welcomed to partake in a complimentary charging weekend on April 6th and 7th at the Holiday Inn Birmingham. This event signifies not only a milestone in expanding EV infrastructure but also underscores a collective effort to facilitate widespread adoption of electric vehicles by prioritising accessibility and convenience.

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